ThunderPlains Throwback

This year, we will be doing a Throwback event! Check out the most viewed ThunderPlains videos of all time and tweet #ThunderPlains2021 for a chance to win some Techlahoma swag!

Learn & Connect

ThunderPlains is a web developer conference that focuses on JavaScript and related tech that make the web interesting.

ThunderPlains is organized and backed by Techlahoma – a volunteer-run 501(c)3 non-profit. Techlahoma is dedicated to advancing Oklahomans through accessible tech training and community building.

Code of Conduct

Before attending the conference, please review the ThunderPlains Code of Conduct. The CoC applies to everyone (all attendees, speakers, volunteers, and vendors) at official and unofficial events by Techlahoma, including any location where attendees may be congregating.

Have questions?

Please email us or alert us on Twitter. We're here to help!

Best of ThunderPlains Videos

The Economy of Keystrokes
Kyle Simpson
Unorthodox Performance
John-David Dalton
Scary Javascript That Knows if You've Been Bad or Good
Luke Crouch
Mo'Problems, Mo'Nads
Kyle Simpson
Put Down the JavaScript: Level Up With the Fundamentals of Web Development
Colby Fayock
Set Phasers to JavaScript
Jesse Harlin
CRDT and Other New Ideas for Client Server Communication
Andrey Sitnik
Web Audio Made Easy with Howler JS
James Simpson
High Performance Message Queuing with
David Taylor
Real World React.js
Aaron Murray
Where's My Straw?
Kyle Simpson
ECMASCript Modules: Fury Road
John-David Dalton

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